Current Issues In Design and Construction


At this time, many homes are being constructed with concrete block in the Southeastern United States, as a protective barrier against hurricanes, as well as water and pest damage. Current building standards are to use a wooden truss roofing system on the concrete structure – sometimes being integrated with “Hurricane Straps” to provide an additional element of protection against wind shearing damage.

These elements are the weakest links of a building structure. A concrete building with a wooden roof cannot offer the same level of protection as a monolithic concrete roof. While concrete is built to last for generations, wooden truss roof systems are weakened by each storm as the shearing wind and pressure slowly degrade its structural integrity. Concrete roofing technology is not limited to specific designs or finishes, and has the same design flexibility as traditional wood framing.

CATEGORY FIVE HOMES building system has been designed to address these issues and construct homes and businesses to weather any storm. Each element of our building including the exterior walls, roof, windows and doors has been engineered to exceed the highest performance standards for wind and impact ratings.

In addition to the incredible strength and longevity our homes offer, there are numerous other benefits including potential savings on insurance and energy costs. For more information on CATEGORY FIVE HOMES building systems, please contact us.